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Be Smart

The smart decision is to make the long term investment in a quality concrete product that will last forever.

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Stay Innovative

Be a leader in the industry that stays ahead of the pack. Your innovative thinking will save money in the long run.

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Feel Satisfied

Choosing Terra Tread will leave you feeling very satisfied with a safe and maintenance free boardwalk solution.


We Understand.

Wooden boardwalk systems deteriorate and have ongoing maintenance issues that can present safety concerns and add to labor costs. TerraTread Concrete Boardwalk Systems offer a maintenance free solution that will last forever and keep pedestrians safe.

When Metroparks Toledo was looking for a durable concrete boardwalk system, we found what we needed right in our own backyard. TerraTread has engineered a very competitively-priced, maintenance-free system suitable for pedestrian bridges, multi-use paths, wetland boardwalks and overlooks.
— Jon Zvanovec, Metroparks Toledo Project Manager & Landscape Architect

Our product will last forever and save you money.


We understand how hard it can be to see your clients make the “cheap” decision and install inferior wooden products that deteriorate and require costly labor and repairs. Our family has been a trusted name in the concrete manufacturing business since 1929, and the TerraTread Pedestrian Boardwalk System is a flagship product that will save your client both time and money.

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Reduce Maintenance

Avoid costly maintenance from replacing wood boards that will split and warp during winter freezing temps.


Improve Safety

Prevent dangerous accidents from occurring when patrons replacing trip and fall due to uneven wooden walkways.


Increase Lifespan

Save money by installing a concrete product that is guaranteed to last 50-75 years. (More than 3x wooden walkways)

Install your boardwalk in 3 easy steps:


Schedule a call

During this initial call our project manager will learn about the scope of your upcoming project, answer any questions you might have, and provide you with a general outline of our boardwalk process.


Create your plans

After our call we will collect any information and documents necessary for our engineer team to create customized plans for your upcoming boardwalk project.


Install your walkway

The installation process will include any necessary site visits to ensure that your new concrete boardwalk project is installed on time and within budget.


“TerraTread provides a dependable, low maintenance solution for a wide range of bridge or boardwalk applications including over wetlands, marshes, ditches or creeks. This product installs quickly and is easy to adapt to a variety of foundation alternatives. TerraTread is designed and fabricated by professionals to provide a practical, quality product for the client.”
— Kyle W. Layton, MSCE Structure, PE DGL Consulting Engineers, LLC

What makes TerraTread Different?


At TerraTread we know that you want to be an innovative professional that is credited for installing the highest standard in building products. The problem is that high-quality concrete pedestrian boardwalks can be more expensive than cheap wooden construction, and this makes you feel frustrated. At TerraTread Concrete Boardwalk Systems, we believe that cost should never be the obstacle that keeps you from recommending a superior boardwalk solution that will leave your clients looking smart and feeling proud…


We can customize our boardwalk to any environment…


Golf Course Walkways & Bridges


Municipal Walkways & ByPass


Parks & Recreation Walkway Systems


Three things to consider when planning your boardwalk:

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Wooden walkways add hours of labor to your hard working staff. Keep them on the projects that add to your bottom line and AVOID tasking them with hours of rotten wood repairs.

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Whether tax funded or self funded, your users will want a return on their investment. The best decision is to make a long-term investment in the safety and happiness of your users.

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We know you want to keep your customers and users safe. That is why a concrete boardwalk system makes more sense than a traditional wooden structure that will warp and create trip and fall opportunities.

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