What makes Terra Tread Different?


At TerraTread we know that you want to be an innovative professional that is credited for recommending the highest standard in building products for your clients. And, when it comes to pedestrian bridges and walkways, you need a long-lasting boardwalk system that won’t require ongoing maintenance.

The problem is that high-quality concrete pedestrian boardwalks can be more expensive than cheap wooden construction, and this makes you feel frustrated. At TerraTread Concrete Boardwalk Systems, we believe that cost should never be the obstacle that keeps you from recommending a superior boardwalk solution that will leave your clients looking smart and feeling proud.

We understand how hard it can be to see your clients make the “cheap” decision and install inferior wooden products that deteriorate and require costly labor and repairs. Our family has been a trusted name in the concrete manufacturing business since 1929, and the TerraTread Pedestrian Boardwalk System is a flagship product that will save your client both time and money.

Schedule a call with Bryan Martin to see if TerraTread is the right solution for your next project. Bryan will answer any questions and schedule a follow-up call with one of our engineers to review your shop drawings. After we discuss your project, you will receive a quote for review.